ClearVision Camera Inspection System Solutions


Deliver the Perfect Box to Your End-User Every Time.

In combination with Valco Melton, ClearVision has become the leader in development and engineering of vision-based inspection products for corrugated box manufacturing. ClearVision’s unique camera inspections systems have re-invented and streamlined the box-manufacturing process. Valco Melton’s ClearVision camera inspection systems offer a complete quality assurance program that guarantees zero defect boxes, saving you and your clients both time and energy. By utilizing ClearVision’s complete camera inspection systems you can be assured that each box your manufacturing system produces is perfectly specified to your client’s needs. Unlock the power you have to control the success of your end-product by learning more about ClearVision Camera Inspection Systems today. 

Immediate Benefits You Can Expect:  

  • Rapid ROI
  • Zero Defect Boxes
  • Tremendous Sales Tool
  • Competitive Advantage 
  • No Downtime
  • Dedicated Customer and Service Support
  • Total Quality Management
  • Easy to Setup
  • Time Savings for both you and your Customers  

Simply select the industry that most closely relate to your needs to begin learning how you can improve your bottom-line now.

Prove that every Corrugated Box, Package, or Carton is Perfect every time.

Guarantee a perfect product with a sophisticated Camera Inspection Systems specific to your industry 

About Systems for Corrugated Box Manufacturers

Inspect glue, fold, or eject faulty boxes to deliver a superior product to your end-users every time. Learn how this is possible today by reading more.

About Systems for Manufacturers of CPG Goods

Find out how your company can make perfect CPG Goods for your end-users with Vision Inspection Technology specific to the packaging industry by reading more here.

About Systems for Folding Carton Makers

Discover how to inspect 2D and binary codes, braille, monochrome, OCR, and date codes. Read about how to detect bad glue patterns, lock-bottom folds, back-folds or front-folds with camera detection systems and more with these solutions for the folding carton industry.

What Experts Say About It

Ray Rammelsberg

"Valco Melton was one of the first leading companies to design and develop camera inspection systems following innovative research in identifying the existing needs of the corrugated box and carton manufacturing industries. Since that time, Valco Melton has taken ClearVision® equipment to the next generation to continue helping manufacturers produce not only The Perfect Box™ but also the most advanced box. ClearVision systems currently include much more than the GlueChek™, FoldChek™, and BundleChek™ solutions that are so common to the corrugated box industry today. With continued advancement in software and product development, Valco Melton’s latest BoxChek™ 7 technology is used across a complete line of solutions for the corrugated box and carton-producing customers. "