Discover the Latest Technology in Vision Inspection Systems

Guarantee The Perfect Box with ClearVision® Technology

  • Generate Rapid ROI
  • Use as a Tremendous Sales Tool
  • Sustain a Competitive Advantage
  • Ensure that your customers are getting defect free boxes
  • Maintain Total Quality Management
  • Easy to Set Up
  • Time Savings for both You and Your Customers


In combination with Valco Melton, ClearVision has become the leader in development and engineering of vision-based inspection products for corrugated box manufacturing.  

ClearVision’s unique camera inspections systems have re-invented and streamlined the box-manufacturing process. Valco Melton’s ClearVision camera inspection systems offer a complete quality assurance program that guarantees zero defect boxes, saving you and your clients both time and energy.  

By utilizing ClearVision’s complete camera inspection systems you can be assured that each box your manufacturing system produces is perfectly specified to your client’s needs. Unlock the power you have to control the success of your end-product by learning more about ClearVision Camera Inspection Systems today. 


Read more about how FoldChek takes a picture of every manufacturer’s gap and analyzes the gap for width and skew.

Read about how GlueChek takes a picture of each glue joint and analyzes the glue pattern to ensure that the box will be glued properly.

Learn more about how RegChek images each box to ensure that the print registration is correct in relationship to the edge of a panel.

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Learn more about how CodeChek reads every barcode to eliminate the risk of product mix up or unreadable codes.

Find out more about the additional benefits of ScoreChek and how it inspects each box to verify the integrity and proper orientation of the corrugator scorelines. 

Find out how GapChek images each bundle to measure the lead manufacturers and trail manufacturers gaps and skew after the bundle has been squared and strapped.


Learn more about how BundleChek ensures that your customer does not receive a defective box from any of the inspection cameras by diverting the bundle containing the defective box to an alternate conveyor.