All-Electric Hot Melt Systems

  Immediate Benefits: 

  ✓ Hot Melt Glue Savings Up to 75%  

  ✓ Eliminate Downtime & Consumable Parts 

  ✓ Improved Package Strength & Quality  

  ✓ Instant ROI on New Hot Melt Machines  

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Understanding EcoStitch™ All-Electric Hot Melt Systems


Improve your industrial hot melt glue dispensing machinery, eliminate consumables, and reduce the cost of your end-user’s CPG goods with Valco Melton's EcoStitch All-Electric Hot Melt Application System Technology. Not only does the Valco Melton industrial adhesive dispensing solution improve your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and reduce your Total cost of ownership (TCO), it will help your manufacturing operations to produce a better product with glue bonds that seal more effectively. 

EcoStitch is designed to operate in industrial hot glue applications at high line speeds, with fast cycle rates, and a long service life. Plus, EcoSitch™ systems can use hot melts with a wide range of viscosity from low to high.

The EcoSitch™ industrial hot melt solution has technology that ensures your cartons are glued more efficiently, more effectively and with much greater consistency—allowing your manufacturing of products to run without downtime or needless parts changes due to wear items.  

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The aim of this eBook is to help you understand: 

  • How working with lower pressures influences safety in your production line 
  • How a lower use of adhesive can actually create a better bond
  • Why electric systems have less chances of failure
  • Why switching to electric technology has a strong impact on maintenance
  • How fast an investment in all-electric gluing systems can pay for itself

Working Towards More Sustainable Packaging

Sustainability continues to be a relevant industry requirement for CPG goods. Valco Melton is leading the development of new and sustainable sealing solutions for the packaging of food and beverage products. 

How does EcoStitch help packagers meet sustainability goals?

- Reducing adhesive usage, which additionally brings product cost reduction

- Eliminating the need for compressed air

- Reducing waste: our technology has a longer life and consumes less spare parts 


2019 Sustainability Awards Finalist

Awards organized by Packaging Europe and accredited by the World Packaging Organization

Looking for a Complete Solution?

EcoStitch is more than a hot melt applicator. It's a technology that combines a highly precise and controlled adhesive dosing with superior bonding, and this is the concept behind our range of all-electric melters and pattern controllers. 

D Series

D Series Melters

Remove the need for a constantly pressurized system with an all-electric industrial hot melt unit.

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MXM Valve

MXM Series Applicators

All-electric technology allows to operate precisely at the highest line speeds ensuring a long service life.  

VD2&4 Drivers

VD Series Valve Drivers

Customize the adhesive pattern for adhesive savings with VD-2 and VD-4 controllers.  

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