Hot Melt Dispensing Solutions

for Flat Lamination Processes

System Benefits 

  • Seamless integration on any new or existing machine brand
  • Constant, problem-free adhesive supply, adapted to your line requirements
  • Works with PUR for an increased bonding speed and resistance to extreme atmospheric conditions
  • Works with laminated materials such as MDF, chipboard, polystyrene, styrofoam, and virtually any kind of foil 

Standard System Configuration

Standard Layout - Flat Lamination

Valco Melton's Flat Lamination System's standard configuration features one of our EDurm 200 KG PUR drum unloader, and two single-module, high-flow, MS Series applicators. 

Our solutions operate at laminating speeds of 5 to 25 m/min and achieve coating weights of 50 to 100 gsm in surfaces that vary between 100 and 1300mm wide.

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Flat Lamination

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