Hot Melt Dispensing Solutions

for High Gloss Finish Surfaces

System Benefits 

  • Super high gloss finish - an integrated grammage control feature ensures an excellent coat-weight control throughout the full surface width
  • No risk of scratches - rotating bar technology prevents contaminants from being trapped between the applicator and the substrate
  • No "orange skin effect" - against-roll application guarantees a smooth, uniform coating
  • Seamless integration into any new or existing line 

Standard System Configuration

Hot Melt Dispensing for High Gloss Finish

High Gloss panel manufacturing requires high melting rates and a constant adhesive flow. EDrum Series Unloaders have been designed to work with 200 Kg PUR drums, and can be used in tandem or in combination with a buffer tank to eliminate refill downtime. 

ProPUR Coating Stations with rotating bar technology ensure the streak-free hot melt application required for a flawless, super-glossy finish. Thanks to a fully mobile coating die and backup roll design, ProPUR stations can be easily integrated into any new or existing line and provide easier acccess for faster maintenance. 

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