Hot Melt Dispensing Solutions

for Profile & Panel Wrapping Processes

System Benefits

  • Seamless integration on any new or existing machine brand
  • Prevent adhesive degradation associated with roller application processes
  • Consistent adhesive flow at any production line speed
  • Integrated Approach Band System guarantees a better quality wrap while reducing substrate waste

Standard System Configuration

Profile Wrapping

Profile Wrapping Solutions

Valco Melton's standard profile wrapping configuration includes a 40L Isomelt Series universal melter, ideally suited for working with 20 KG PUR slugs. 

FlexWrapp Series adjustable width applicators ensure homogeneous coating for a flawless finish thanks to its integrated Approach Band System. This bracket technology guarantees a uniform contact of the substrate against the coating head during hot melt application, while preventing burns and damage on the substrate during production stops by immediately retracting to the pause position. 

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Profile Wrapping Solutions

Panel Wrapping


For panel wrapping processes with wider substrates and board surfaces, Valco Melton's EDrum Series 200Kg Drum Unloaders provide the higher melting and dosing rates required for a proper bonding. 

Endurance Series Applicators feature an easy to use width regulation system to adjust the coating width to different board dimensions up to 2200 mm. To simplify operations, width regulation can be automated with the integration of a stepper motor, controlled by sensors on both sides of the machine. Coating width is then automatically adjusted to the substrate's exact specifications.

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Panel Wrapping Solutions

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