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ConvertCoat Applicators

Guarantee Streak-Free Application. Servo-driven nozzle bar runs in the same direction as the product to create a uniform, streak-free, coating of adhesive across the full substrate width. 

Self-Cleaning System. Rotating bar technology prevents even the smallest contaminants from becoming trapped between the die and the substrate, eliminating the potential risk of damage to the coating surface. 

Apply low add-on rates. Coating weight can be controlled as low as 10 gsm with variation accross the product within 5%. 

Achieve an homogeneous adhesive output. A specially designed flow gallery is engineered inside the coating die for an even adhesive distribution.

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ConvertCoat Applicators: Clear-to-Clear Label Manufacturing

Akura M Applicators

Achieve even cross-web adhesive distribution. A stream gear pump independently meters each module for immediate hydraulic response, which guarantees a completely uniform coating while reducing waste during machine ramp-up. 

Reduce set up times. By featuring gear pumps every 25-50 mm, Akura M Applicators guarantee a homogeneous adhesive distribution in the full coating width without the need for individual module adjustments. 

Minimize adhesive degradation. All Akura Series Applicators feature one pressure relief valve per module, which allows you to select each module into recirculating mode to minimize adhesive degradation. 

Constant pressure. An integrated pressure transducer feeds the applicator with a constant pressure control loop.

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Akura M: Clear-to-Clear & Label Stock Manufacturing

Akura PF Applicators

Extreme Versatility. This applicator series features several module, adhesive channel, and nozzle options.

Standard & Wide Web Versions. Akura PF applicators are available in widths up to 1100mm, and up to 2200mm (Akura PFL).

Nozzle options for each type of application process. Akura applicators allow for simple changes from one nozzle type to another. Options available include rotating bar, continuous, and off-roll. For applicator widths up to 1100 mm, an intermittent nozzle option is also available.

Improve and control adhesive dosing. Upgrade options on Akura PF series include pressure transducers, flow meters and pumping stations.

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Akura PF: Tape Manufacturing

Endurance Series

Interchangeable Nozzles. Easily transform your applicator from fixed to adjustable width, and switch from continuous to off-roll applications. 

High Precision Adjustments. All applicators include a fine-tune regulation system to accurately adapt the nozzle to the surface of the back up roll.

Width Adjustment Options. EA Adjustable Width Applicators feature manual, motorized or automatic width regulation systems.

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Endurance Applicators: Coating Processes for the Automotive Industry

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