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Adhesive Melting & Extrusion Technologies

Melting Technologies

Smart Series

SmartControl. This central panel allows the operator to visualize and control the complete hot melt dispensing system (drum unloaders, melters, applicators, and accessories). Easily control your working process, create recipes, modify parameters, and program alarms. The system also generates and displays adhesive usage reports and simplifies maintenance monitoring with scheduled notifications when maintenance or replacements are required (resistors, modules, pumps, filters...).

SmartDrum. Designed to work as a pre-melter on applications requiring high melting rates and with adhesives delivered in 200L drums. Melt on demand technology prevents adhesive degradation.

SmartMelt. Optimize the adhesive usage for each and every application with the newest generation of PLC-based adhesive melting and dispensing units developed by Valco Melton.

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SmartControl: Upgrade your line with the Smart Solution

Extrusion Technologies

MEX Series

• Designed to work with adhesives delivered in granulate format, such as EVA, PO, PA, or polyester

• Melt on demand technology preserves adhesive properties, preventing adhesive degradation

• Extrusion technology eliminates the need for cleaning when switching between adhesive types

• Two working mode options: as a pre-melter, feeding a buffer tank, roller coater or gravure bath; and as a dosing unit, featuring pumping stations for an accurate dosing to the slot die

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Extruder - Melt on Demand

MEX Extruder Series

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