With the fast growth of e-commerce, the risk of tampering increases every year. Ensuring product integrity is now on every company's hands. 

Almost no industrial branch is nowadays free of counterfeit and piracy menace. Most food and berevage brands are now protecting their packages in order to avoid manipulation. Security demands have raised specially for pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and electronic devices.

Among all tamper evident alternatives, hot melt-based technology has proved to be the most reliable option since it provides the following benefits:

  •  Inability to re-seal the carton once it has been opened or manipulated
  • Easy integration into any new or existing line
  • Ability to work at the highest speeds without interfering with the workflow
  • Preservation of your current package design
  • Traditional hot melt-based technology, familiar for packagers

Once the package is sealed, flaps must be broken in order to open the carton. 

From Valco Melton, we want to help you upgrade your line as easily and quickly as possible. We adapt our equipment to your existing packaging line so you won't have to worry about installation and performance of the new systems. 

The complete solution consists in the Kube melt-on-demand demand unit, which reduces char by only melting adhesive as it is required, and the EcoStitchâ„¢ all-electric hot melt applicator, that reduces adhesive usage by up to 75%. Combined with the VD2 controller, adhesive patterns can be easily customized and controlled. 

To ensure a faultless delivery, the PackChek Vision Inspection System checks the correct placement of every glue bead and reports any error. 

KUBE Melt Unit


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