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Low-Pressure Pumps for Corewinding Processes

Valco Melton has been designing, manufacturing, and supplying adhesive dispensing systems to the tissue, paper and pulp industries since 1952. Specific applications we cover include corewinding, tail tie, adhesive pick up for tissue machines, ply lamination, and tissue tack & reel (full sheet transfer system for tissue machines).

We work with some of the world's largest OEM’s to deliver our end users the best in gluing equipment, from our standard pumps and applicators to specifically tailored solutions.

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Top provider of adhesive dispensing technologies for corewinders


Over 900 systems installed and running worldwide


Years of experience. Servicing the industry since 1952

High-Pressure vs. Low-Pressure Pumps - Frequently Asked Questions

Will I meet my production requirements with a low-pressure pump?

Most likely, yes. Based on our experience, 95% of the world's corewinding adhesive supply needs can be met with a low-pressure diaphragm pump. Piston pumps generate unnecessarily higher output pressures than required.

Is a low-pressure pump suitable to work with corewinding adhesives?

Actually, low-pressure diaphragm pumps are better-suited! Due to the high solids content of nowaday's corewinding adhesives, high-pressure piston pumps require more maintenance and parts exchange to keep them in perfect working condition. The use of diaphragm pumps reduces labor and machine downtime associated with these maintenance tasks.

What option is the most cost-effective?

First, we need to consider the initial investment, where diaphragm pumps have a lower cost than high-pressure piston pumps. Then, when we add the costs associated with cleaning and maintenance, we can be confident in stating that diaphragm pumps are the most cost-effective option for corewinding processes.


Why Choose Valco Melton's DD1 Pump

No stalling. Adhesive feed rates on a corewinding extrusion line are very low and require extremely slow pump strokes. Typical diaphragm pumps stall regularly under these working conditions.

Valco Melton's DD-1 Pump features a unique electronic-reversing mechanism that allows the pump shaft to creep slowly and automatically reverse stroke without stalling. When used for intermittent output applications, the pump will stop, then immediately restart as the system requires.

Interested in replacing your high-pressure pumps?

We have a complete Conversion Kit for high piston pumps that includes our DD-1 diaphragm pump, together with all the required parts. Receive information and pricing about this kit by completing the form below, or by contacting your closest Valco Melton representative. Find our nearest location here.