Pail & Drum Unloaders

For manufacturing processes with a high adhesive demand, drum and pail unloaders are the best solution, as they generally melt and supply adhesive faster than standard tank units. PUR properties are maintained during the melting process because only part of the drum or pail that is in direct contact with the platen is molten.

EDrum Unloaders

200 Kg PUR Drum Unloader

BPail Unloaders

20 Kg PUR Pail Unloader

Conventional PUR Melters 

Specifically designed to work with reactive PUR adhesives, Isomelt & Isomelt Mini units feature a hermetic lid, air drier, and PLC atmosphere control to maintain adhesive properties. 


IsoMelt Mini

Melt On Demand Technology for PUR Slugs

Slug Melters make PUR handling easy. PUR slugs go directly into the melting tank without any need to unwrap them. Isomelt Plus Series Units feature Melt On Demand technology to adapt melting rates to changing working requirements. 

IsoMelt Plus 

20 KG PUR Slug Melter with MOD Technology

IsoMelt Plus Mini

2 KG PUR Slug Melter with MOD Technology

Not working with PUR?

Valco Melton offers a complete range of functional units that optimize EVA & PO adhesive performance.

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